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Over 50 & Long-term Unemployed? This is How You Land a Job. A Firsthand Account from Someone Who Beat the Odds.

patricia nordin

After our latest newsletter we received some great news that a former 405 Club member landed a new job.  First off, we LOVE to hear those stories so please continue to send those our way.  Secondly, when we found out she had been unemployed for over 2 years and she is over 50, we knew this would be a fantastic opportunity to learn from her experience and inspire many others through a Q&A piece.  Please join me in thanking Patricia Nordin for sharing her story, her life, her experience so that others can follow her lead and get back to work. 

~Garrett Dale, Co-Founder of The 405 Club

1. Let’s get right to it. You were among the long term unemployed, over 50, in a creative field.  The odds were stacked against you to get back to work. How did you do it?

  I took a short break right after I was let go from my job of 25 years and started to send out resumes and call people. Nothing happened in the beginning and I felt confident I would get something. After a year of no definite callbacks— I decided to stay current with technology and took a course in Dreamweaver to learn web design (I am an art director), as I knew if I did not learn some new skills it could hold me back.

2. When you were unemployed for over 2 years, how were you able to stay emotionally tough and mentally prepared for re-entering the workforce?

 I was feeling ok most of the time, but felt after 2 years out of the field—that if I did not get something in art direction before the 3 year mark, I would not get something. I tried to stay positive, and always had a gut feeling I would wind up somewhere—I was very good at what I did, and could not understand why no one was hiring me. I know my age (58)— and high salary were a huge drawback—but I kept answering every job listing i saw— I even took a job at Macy’s in retail at the holidays in the hopes of getting into their visual display department—but that did not happen.

3. People always say, “if I knew then, what I know now…” How would you end that phrase after this experience? Would have have done anything differently?

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