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The Importance of Networking

Preface:  My job searchtook place during the height of the recession, and although unemployment is currently declining, there are still too many who are out of work.

An article I read during the summer of 2009 stated that for every one job opportunity, there were five people out of work and ready to fill that position. The article also compared job searchto a game of musical chairs. It was an interesting analogy, however, I did not agree with the analogy then, and I still disagree with it today.

Job loss represents a change in your life.  The stability of a daily or weekly routine is replaced with uncertainty.  Unemploymentinsurance and savings are now your lifeline, and you must learn to live on diminishing resources.  Your employment search, in turn, becomes a fight for survival, similar to the way our ancestors had to hunt for food and shelter in order to survive.  In both cases, the only way to succeed is to be among the most fit and cunning. Those who areequipped with a strong set of survival skills will always succeed, no matter how demanding the environment is.

It was in that spirit that I wrote the following piece:The Importance of Networking

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