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The Unexpected Phone Call

(Writer’s Preface) I have gone through a great deal of ups and downs in this experience we call job search.  The one I am writing about today does not belong to me; it belongs to one of my network contacts.  I made some minor changes to preserve the anonymity of those involved.  I felt, however that my contact’s experience is worth sharing.  Although I would not wish this experience on anyone, it shows how one of the worst obstacles to re-employment can be resolved. 

The Unexpected Phone Call:  Part One

It was a Friday Morning during the month of March.  Beverly (most of her friends call her Bev) was starting her day.  She was unemployed for eight months, and never expected her time between jobs to last this long.  Bev was never one to give in to persecution complexes; however she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone out there was inhibiting her attempts at re-employment.

During the past months, Bev had several interviews; however the result was always the same.  She would be called in for a first interview, and in most cases she would be given a follow up interview.  Bev would always e-mail thank you letters and follow up with every prospective employer.  Despite her follow up calls, Bev would not receive responses from many prospective employers, even when they promised to give her a fast answer about the position she applied for.  Eventually, some employers told her that the position she applied for was filled, and refused to give any further details.  Bev would always ask follow up questions as to why she did not get the job, however she never received any information that would point to a specific reason.

On this particular morning Bev would discover the main reason why she never received employment offers…

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