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Have You Really Researched That Company?

ctl alt delJobseekers know how important it is to research a prospective company. While networking is at the heart of job search, one of the other critical elements is learning about the prospective company.Doing research in as many sources as you can is just as important as a compelling cover letter, dynamic resume and solidly good interview. You want to get the best-rounded scope and bird’s eye view of what a particular company that you are targeting for possible affiliation is all about.

Research is priceless for interviews through personal introductions when you already have a leg up because of mutual acquaintance and for taking the initiative in ferreting out opportunities for yourself by constant investigating everything, leaving no stones unturned. But research can still bode you well even in traditional interviews begotten from advertisements when you are lucky enough to receive a callback from your application.

What many people don’t understand is that you begin impressing a prospective employer in the cover letter! If you’re lucky enough to meet the right person face-to-face at a chance encounter like a job fair or networking meeting where someone knows someone and facilitates your meeting, you can then tell that key individual in person! The cover letter is a forum to briefly choose one element you have learned about them and most importantly tie it into something you’ve done, a strength you possess, a talent, and what you can do for them. Pay attention to their corporate philosophy or social mission and align with it.

No one should be without at least a basic understanding of the company, agency, institution or organization for which they seek opportunities and offers. Knowing something about the company shows engagement and serious commitment on your part. Research is essential for a number of reasons…

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The Unexpected Phone Call

(Writer’s Preface) I have gone through a great deal of ups and downs in this experience we call job search.  The one I am writing about today does not belong to me; it belongs to one of my network contacts.  I made some minor changes to preserve the anonymity of those involved.  I felt, however that my contact’s experience is worth sharing.  Although I would not wish this experience on anyone, it shows how one of the worst obstacles to re-employment can be resolved. 

The Unexpected Phone Call:  Part One

It was a Friday Morning during the month of March.  Beverly (most of her friends call her Bev) was starting her day.  She was unemployed for eight months, and never expected her time between jobs to last this long.  Bev was never one to give in to persecution complexes; however she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone out there was inhibiting her attempts at re-employment.

During the past months, Bev had several interviews; however the result was always the same.  She would be called in for a first interview, and in most cases she would be given a follow up interview.  Bev would always e-mail thank you letters and follow up with every prospective employer.  Despite her follow up calls, Bev would not receive responses from many prospective employers, even when they promised to give her a fast answer about the position she applied for.  Eventually, some employers told her that the position she applied for was filled, and refused to give any further details.  Bev would always ask follow up questions as to why she did not get the job, however she never received any information that would point to a specific reason.

On this particular morning Bev would discover the main reason why she never received employment offers…

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What 3 Job Seeker Types Scare Recruiters Away?

It seems some in the ranks of the chronically unemployed… are unemployed for a reason. One of three reasons, to be exact.

Their failure to find work is often because they fall into one of three job seeker personality types: the Ego, the Victim and the Stalker… each which scare away hiring managers and recruiters – and drive them toward safer, more “stable” candidates.

The Ego

The Ego personality type is typically a person who writes checks his resume can’t cash.

Perhaps they’ve been downsized, or climbed the ranks of management to the point they just can’t deal with the thought of sliding backward. Maybe they obtained a certain status within their industry, or developed an elitist attitude in their professional lives. For certain, they don’t seem to realize that was an economic lifetime ago – and they can’t let go.

If you are an Ego job seeker personality type:

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The Job Search as Played Out Through Sports!

Think of your job search as a new sport.  What, you say? Job loss and reemployment is serious stuff.

But the world of sports is a lot like looking for work. If we compare job search to games like baseball, soccer, bowling, wrestling and chess, we see the similarities and how we can dodge balls, improve our positioning, change moves or take corrective action—much like we do when meeting obstacles at bat, on the turf, in the lanes, at the board—or in the ring! So get your game head on, take a look and see how many plays you’ve made!

Warm Up

The time it takes to realize the work world has changed and one needs to accelerate one’s efforts and pull out all the stops to find work no matter the game field.


Curveball – You’ve been thrown one of these when you are laid off your job, suddenly asked to pack your things on a Friday afternoon and are escorted by a coworker or security down the elevator and out the front door.

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How Do I Get Around These Problems?

Question: I call or e-mail companies that I know are hiring inquiring about openings. Sometimes I reach somebody who asks me to send in my resume. After I do I never hear from them again.

I can’t get work because:

1) I’m “over-qualified”

2) I’ve been unemployed for a while

Anything I can say or do to get around this?

Answer: I’m addressing the latter part of your two-fold dilemma first because it is the more challenging and thought-provoking of the two. Know you are not alone on both counts. This dilemma plagues all job hunters who have been laid off…

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If You Were A Tree, Would You Be A Cherry Or An Oak?

If You Were A Tree, Would You Be A Cherry Or An Oak?.

cherry blossom This is a question, albeit a silly one, that sometimes comes up in interviews or written psychological testing with strangers—or strange human resource reps. Another one is, “If you were an animal, would you be a fish or a dog?”

They may be testing your critical thinking ability or your creativity or temperament. Probing like this is not all that common but not unheard of, either. Interpreting it is loaded with more questions, mainly, what are they looking for?

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The 405 Club · The Perfect Interview Outfit: Man Edition. This…

The 405 Club · The Perfect Interview Outfit: Man Edition.

Put This On, Episode 3: Work from Put This On on Vimeo.

The Perfect Interview Outfit: Man Edition.

This video from PutThisOn.com will help guide you through your wardrobe choices whether you’re interviewing or already on the job.  Enjoy.

In case you missed the Women’s Edition, here it is.


Put This On Episode 3: Work

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