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Were You Terminated Due to Personality Conflict, Destructive Politics or Other Negative Workplace Events?

One of the hardest things for job-seeking individuals to get passed is the pain of termination. You and the boss did not get along. So who goes? Why, you, of course! You’re fired!It’s bad enough if you lose your job through corporate downsizing, “restructuring,” company relocation or closure, but to lose your job because someone in power favored someone over you, sabotaged you or made a bad workplace situation worse or just didn’t see eye-to-eye with you — or was just plain abusive, is the hardest thing to dust yourself off, get up and start over again after feeling “poisoned” by a toxic work environment.

As an employment counselor, I see this all the time. It happens to the best of us and somewhere along the line, I am willing to wager, most people will have experienced it at least once in their working lifetime.

“The boss was a mental case. He’d curse and scream and throw things…” Or, “She was such a bitch.”(like the boss in Damages or The Devil Wears Prada).  Or I hear about how someone challenged some unfairness at work, or meant well on some issue but was misunderstood and before you know it, unspoken, implied bad vibes filled the air and settled like a pall over every workday. You can cut that tension, as the saying goes, with a knife in those situations…

Sadly, things can’t always be helped in cases of personality conflicts. Sometimes it’s just the way it is and nobody’s fault. It probably happens more often than not and not everyone is open to admitting it. It’s uncomfortable. You know it when it interferes with the performance of your work and you hate going in everyday. Better to get out and into a new job before being fired. People sometimes receive unemployment insurance due to firing or quitting. There is no hard and fast rule as the department of labor has appeals and grievance procedures and does hear the person out and judges on a case-to-case basis. However, there are no guarantees of receiving benefits. The hearings listen to employer as well as the employee challenging a refusal to issue benefits and this certainly is not a statement saying it’s OK to quit your job and expect to collect benefits. You are far better off slipping away into a new job before losing your current, unbearable one through being forced out and having to explain and hope the labor folks rule in your favor. It can go either way and you might be stuck holding the bag, complicating your grief, anger and bitterness. Even if you get unemployment benefits, you’ll still be bitter. That bitterness will destroy your job search efforts.

You must start over, no matter what!  

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