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More Shows and Movies to Watch When In Between Jobs

More Shows and Movies to Watch When In Between Jobs

Over a year ago I wrote “The 10 Best Movies & Shows To Watch When In between Jobs.”

When I write an article that deals with the “best of” anything, I find myself asking what I could have left out. Recently I took another look at the movies and shows I selected in my previous writing. While I made some excellent choices, I feel it’s time to add to that list.

One of my job search mentors recommended Friday afternoon as the best time to watch inspirational Movies or TV shows. Her reasoning made sense. She would often tell me “After spending the week chasing down employment opportunities, you need to do something to clear your mind.” As a result, I decided to use Friday afternoon to put job search issues aside and watch inspirational movies or TV shows. It was one of the activities that helped me start the following week recharged and motivated.

The following movies and TV shows provided me with both inspiration and entertainment…

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