Preferred Recruiters

Phone: 732.784.8464

NYCREX® is a leader in the staffing industry by providing specialized, effective recruiting solutions that meet the complex needs of our clients. Each recruiter at NYCREX is an Internet industry veteran and collectively, we have held ourselves, or worked directly with, a great many of the roles we are asked to fill by our clients.  NYCREX®, staffing core management teams and key personnel at venture capital funded start-ups and established firms with sales, operations, finance, technology, media, marketing, and creative professionals since 2005.

The Hired Guns
Phone: 212.366.1918

The Hired Guns was founded in early 2000. Corporate America was in the midst of extreme disruption: as big companies everywhere began slimming down and streamlining, many strategic, talented folks found their jobs being outsourced, commoditized, and in some cases eliminated altogether.

But for the creative class, this unsettled time ushered in a whole new era of entrepreneurship and individualism. It was a scary trend for many, but for us it was just the motivation we needed. Borrowing from the only model that made sense, we started our talent agency in the mold of Hollywood-style representation. By hand-picking our talent, growing with them over time and helping them to manage their evolving careers, we were able to build some real blockbusters for the clients who came to us for talent.

Today, many of those game-changers have left the corporate studio system behind for good. They’ve learned how to work individually or start their own companies so that they can continue to work their magic, on their own terms. We’re helping the creative class expand their potential beyond the 9-to-5, bringing their expertise to companies in unexpected and exciting ways – like a micro-engagement or the Hired Guns Think Tank – and helping them guide their careers through transitions from freelance gigs to fulltime jobs and back again.

We’ve built The Hired Guns not just for our talent but right along with them. It really doesn’t get any more rewarding than that. Our Guns are excited to have their time and expertise fully optimized, and our clients are making the most of access to amazing talent – where and when they need it. And together, we’re getting big things done.


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