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Doing As We’re Told… Which Apparently Wasnt Enough

homework by Bex BourneWe did everything right. We did our homework in junior high school, because we were told, “In high school, homework will be a lot harder.”

We did our homework in high school, too, so we would be prepared for the tests. We knew we needed to do well on the tests, because if we didn’t, it would hurt our GPAs. “If you have a low GPA, you won’t get into a good college,” they told us.

And then we did it, we finished high school. Some of us did better than others, but we were eager and willing. We listened to what our guidance counselors and teachers and parents said; we toured college campuses and  we filled out applications at the start of senior year, we waited for acceptance letters. We applied for scholarships and student loans and filled out our roommate preference forms.

But all the while the mantra was This is what you’re supposed to be doing. You graduate from high school and you go to college. That is just what you do. I told my parents I wanted to be an author. “That’s nice,” they said, “but not very practical. Get a degree instead, and then maybe, if you have time later, you can write those books.”

And so we went to college, because that’s what smart go-getters did…

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