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More Shows and Movies to Watch When In Between Jobs

More Shows and Movies to Watch When In Between Jobs

Over a year ago I wrote “The 10 Best Movies & Shows To Watch When In between Jobs.”

When I write an article that deals with the “best of” anything, I find myself asking what I could have left out. Recently I took another look at the movies and shows I selected in my previous writing. While I made some excellent choices, I feel it’s time to add to that list.

One of my job search mentors recommended Friday afternoon as the best time to watch inspirational Movies or TV shows. Her reasoning made sense. She would often tell me “After spending the week chasing down employment opportunities, you need to do something to clear your mind.” As a result, I decided to use Friday afternoon to put job search issues aside and watch inspirational movies or TV shows. It was one of the activities that helped me start the following week recharged and motivated.

The following movies and TV shows provided me with both inspiration and entertainment…

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The Importance of Networking

Preface:  My job searchtook place during the height of the recession, and although unemployment is currently declining, there are still too many who are out of work.

An article I read during the summer of 2009 stated that for every one job opportunity, there were five people out of work and ready to fill that position. The article also compared job searchto a game of musical chairs. It was an interesting analogy, however, I did not agree with the analogy then, and I still disagree with it today.

Job loss represents a change in your life.  The stability of a daily or weekly routine is replaced with uncertainty.  Unemploymentinsurance and savings are now your lifeline, and you must learn to live on diminishing resources.  Your employment search, in turn, becomes a fight for survival, similar to the way our ancestors had to hunt for food and shelter in order to survive.  In both cases, the only way to succeed is to be among the most fit and cunning. Those who areequipped with a strong set of survival skills will always succeed, no matter how demanding the environment is.

It was in that spirit that I wrote the following piece:The Importance of Networking

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The Unexpected Phone Call

(Writer’s Preface) I have gone through a great deal of ups and downs in this experience we call job search.  The one I am writing about today does not belong to me; it belongs to one of my network contacts.  I made some minor changes to preserve the anonymity of those involved.  I felt, however that my contact’s experience is worth sharing.  Although I would not wish this experience on anyone, it shows how one of the worst obstacles to re-employment can be resolved. 

The Unexpected Phone Call:  Part One

It was a Friday Morning during the month of March.  Beverly (most of her friends call her Bev) was starting her day.  She was unemployed for eight months, and never expected her time between jobs to last this long.  Bev was never one to give in to persecution complexes; however she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone out there was inhibiting her attempts at re-employment.

During the past months, Bev had several interviews; however the result was always the same.  She would be called in for a first interview, and in most cases she would be given a follow up interview.  Bev would always e-mail thank you letters and follow up with every prospective employer.  Despite her follow up calls, Bev would not receive responses from many prospective employers, even when they promised to give her a fast answer about the position she applied for.  Eventually, some employers told her that the position she applied for was filled, and refused to give any further details.  Bev would always ask follow up questions as to why she did not get the job, however she never received any information that would point to a specific reason.

On this particular morning Bev would discover the main reason why she never received employment offers…

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The Boomerang Effect.

Last week I met one of my former co-workers.  I was really happy for him six months ago when he told me that he landed a great position.  When we met, however, I immediately noticed that he was not as cheerful as he was when we last spoke.  I asked him if everything was OK, and his answer was as follows: “This is really upsetting. I was out of work for nearly a year; and as you know, I was relieved when I finally landed a job.  I took a modest cut, but I was glad to be working.” My former co-worker continued; “I was on the job for less than four months and everything seemed to be going well.  All my projects were on schedule and the ones I had completed for were finished under the allocated budget.  I expected a stellar six-month review.  But that is not what happened.  A day before my four month anniversary, I was called into the Director’s office.  I was laid off.  They told me that the company had a budget crisis which forced the layoff.  So here I am, out of work again!”

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