Have You Really Researched That Company?

ctl alt delJobseekers know how important it is to research a prospective company. While networking is at the heart of job search, one of the other critical elements is learning about the prospective company.Doing research in as many sources as you can is just as important as a compelling cover letter, dynamic resume and solidly good interview. You want to get the best-rounded scope and bird’s eye view of what a particular company that you are targeting for possible affiliation is all about.

Research is priceless for interviews through personal introductions when you already have a leg up because of mutual acquaintance and for taking the initiative in ferreting out opportunities for yourself by constant investigating everything, leaving no stones unturned. But research can still bode you well even in traditional interviews begotten from advertisements when you are lucky enough to receive a callback from your application.

What many people don’t understand is that you begin impressing a prospective employer in the cover letter! If you’re lucky enough to meet the right person face-to-face at a chance encounter like a job fair or networking meeting where someone knows someone and facilitates your meeting, you can then tell that key individual in person! The cover letter is a forum to briefly choose one element you have learned about them and most importantly tie it into something you’ve done, a strength you possess, a talent, and what you can do for them. Pay attention to their corporate philosophy or social mission and align with it.

No one should be without at least a basic understanding of the company, agency, institution or organization for which they seek opportunities and offers. Knowing something about the company shows engagement and serious commitment on your part. Research is essential for a number of reasons…

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