The Crooked Ways of Business: It Isn’t Always About You. In Fact, It Rarely Is.

birds of a featherPeople who are unemployed suffer enough abuse. Financially strapped, they are mercilessly teased and antagonized by unremitting dead-end leads over protracted period of time that feel like a bloodletting, treated anonymously, like a number, feeling like a non entity in cyberspace—and victimized further by insensitive interviewers and job search policies by companies that would turn the dead over in their graves.

I’ve entertained a number of complaints from jobseekers about recruiters and practices on employment applications regarding questioning both on paper and in the interview. I’ve heard on several occasions that recruiters will want to know the companies to which you have applied or interviewed. This seemed like a normal request. After all, they wanted to know what strategy they would use if they repeated your application the second time—through them—or would skip altogether if you had had an unpleasant outcome and applicants and placement counselors like myself thought nothing of it. It made perfect sense…right? But now I am also hearing that some recruiters are pumping their clients for names of human resource personnel at companies with whom these clients met—so the recruiters can use them as contacts for more of their ownbusiness. This conveys to their clients that they are not interested in placing them, only gathering information for business and potential corporate paying clients. Regrettably, I hear this more often than I care to.

It’s clear that staffing agency personnel are judicious in very specific, exacting ways to please what corporate business clients want and who they want to hire. They want to keep their accounts. I’m certain there is a mold or prototype to fit—and they want to please the paying employer-client—not you.

Maybe they want an orange or pear but you are an apple. Keep looking for the right orchard… 

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