The Boomerang Effect.

Last week I met one of my former co-workers.  I was really happy for him six months ago when he told me that he landed a great position.  When we met, however, I immediately noticed that he was not as cheerful as he was when we last spoke.  I asked him if everything was OK, and his answer was as follows: “This is really upsetting. I was out of work for nearly a year; and as you know, I was relieved when I finally landed a job.  I took a modest cut, but I was glad to be working.” My former co-worker continued; “I was on the job for less than four months and everything seemed to be going well.  All my projects were on schedule and the ones I had completed for were finished under the allocated budget.  I expected a stellar six-month review.  But that is not what happened.  A day before my four month anniversary, I was called into the Director’s office.  I was laid off.  They told me that the company had a budget crisis which forced the layoff.  So here I am, out of work again!”

Read more via The 405 Club: The Un-Employment Support Network in New York & Beyond! · The Boomerang Effect..

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