What 3 Job Seeker Types Scare Recruiters Away?

It seems some in the ranks of the chronically unemployed… are unemployed for a reason. One of three reasons, to be exact.

Their failure to find work is often because they fall into one of three job seeker personality types: the Ego, the Victim and the Stalker… each which scare away hiring managers and recruiters – and drive them toward safer, more “stable” candidates.

The Ego

The Ego personality type is typically a person who writes checks his resume can’t cash.

Perhaps they’ve been downsized, or climbed the ranks of management to the point they just can’t deal with the thought of sliding backward. Maybe they obtained a certain status within their industry, or developed an elitist attitude in their professional lives. For certain, they don’t seem to realize that was an economic lifetime ago – and they can’t let go.

If you are an Ego job seeker personality type:

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