The Job Search as Played Out Through Sports!

Think of your job search as a new sport.  What, you say? Job loss and reemployment is serious stuff.

But the world of sports is a lot like looking for work. If we compare job search to games like baseball, soccer, bowling, wrestling and chess, we see the similarities and how we can dodge balls, improve our positioning, change moves or take corrective action—much like we do when meeting obstacles at bat, on the turf, in the lanes, at the board—or in the ring! So get your game head on, take a look and see how many plays you’ve made!

Warm Up

The time it takes to realize the work world has changed and one needs to accelerate one’s efforts and pull out all the stops to find work no matter the game field.


Curveball – You’ve been thrown one of these when you are laid off your job, suddenly asked to pack your things on a Friday afternoon and are escorted by a coworker or security down the elevator and out the front door.

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2 thoughts on “The Job Search as Played Out Through Sports!

  1. Myra says:

    Hi. I really like your analogies.

  2. The 405 Club says:

    Thanks Myra!

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