Day 10: Letters of Frustration.

Dear Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency,

Why do you hate me? What have I done to make you consistently ignore my calls?  After all we’ve been through, after I opened up to you with such intimate details regarding my life and employment history…Is this what we’ve become?  I even trusted you with my social security number!  But yet, each and every Wednesday I call you, and you give me a promise of an unemployment check that you never seem to deposit.  And to make matters even worse, when I call to inquire, you never pick up!  You send me directly to an automated messaging system that says, “There are no representatives available to answer you call.  Try again later.”  Wait, that’s not even that bad, I can understand that the lines are busy.  But the voice system that coldly states, “This call can not be connected,” then rudely disconnects!?! Harsh much??

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