Top 9 Job Sites to Bookmark for Your Career Search.

Approximately 84% of employees in North America plan to look for new jobs in 2011, according to a recent survey by global talent management firm Right Management. Put them alongside those who are unemployed, and you have a whole lot of people searching for work.

If you happen to be in either of those positions, it’s essential to get organized about your job search by understanding what information and resources are available to you on the major job sites.

Over the years, job boards have become more than just job search sites — many now offer additional resources and functionalities to job seekers. After the jump are nine of the top job sites, including a few of the basics, that boast valuable services beyond job postings.

via The 405 Club: The Un-Employment Support Network in New York & Beyond! · Top 9 Job Sites to Bookmark for Your Career Search..

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2 thoughts on “Top 9 Job Sites to Bookmark for Your Career Search.

  1. That 84% statistic is just amazing. My dad (retired with pension–not a lot, but enough for someone who lives with a fellow retiree in a house they own in an economically depressed area) keeps telling me to find a job where I can work 30 or 35 years and have a good retirement. He doesn’t understand that is not how employees OR employers function anymore.

  2. 405club says:

    30-35 years? That’s SO old school… but his heart is in the right place. 🙂

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