The 405 Club · An Open Letter to the Homeless Man Who Witnessed me Totally Lose It Last Week.

The 405 Club · An Open Letter to the Homeless Man Who Witnessed me Totally Lose It Last Week..

Dear Homeless Man Who Witnessed Me Totally Lose It Last Week,

homeless 405 clubWhen I ignored you and kept walking down 10th street, it was inconsiderate. When I told you to fuck off after you pressed me for change, it was rude. When you followed me into the crosswalk and I took the seventy-odd cents from my pocket, threw it into the intersection, then told you to go after it, I was being… Christ, I don’t think there are words for how heartless that was. I’m so sorry. You saw me at my worst. The look on your leathery face haunted me for days. If I could do it over again I would’ve put the change in your hand. Shit, I’d buy you lunch, too.

You probably noticed I was wearing a suit and figured I had money to spare. That was a ruse—I never wear suits, and that day I was only wearing one to impress people at a networking event I’d just left. I went in hopes of finding a job, but the event ended up being a crowded hotel ballroom full of tacky, obnoxious people who insisted on using empty phrases like “social media strategy” and “brand evangelism.” It was an MBA petting zoo. I only managed to meet one HR worker while I was there, and right after she felt that I was out of visual range, she folded my business card in half and tossed it into the nearest garbage can.

I’ve been unemployed for the past seven months…

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